Classic Pacing for a Better Life with ME

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Classic Pacing for a Better Life with ME
Author Ingebjørg Midsem Dahl
Language English, Norwegian, Icelandic
Subject Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, pacing
Genre Self-help, non-fiction
Publisher Lyngsmyr AS
Media type Hardcover, spiral-bound, kindle eBook

1999641817, 978-1999641818, 1999641809, 978-1999641801 (English)

1999641809, 9781999641801 (Norwegian)

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Background (from the author)[edit | edit source]

Classic Pacing for a Better Life with ME is a self-help book which explains pacing and how it can be applied to daily life. Although aimed at patients, the book can also be of interest to professionals. Pacing is a coping strategy used in illnesses that cause low energy levels. It consists of splitting activities into small chunks so that symptoms are not worsened, as well as alternating activity and rest to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part 1 - basic pacing
Part 2 - advanced pacing, for people who have been ill a long time and tried many ways to improve
Part 3 - Covers different themes, including pacing social activities and major events.

  • Chapter 1 - Be Gentle with Yourself
  • Chapter 2 - Listen to Your Body
  • Chapter 3 - Pace Yourself
  • Chapter 4 - Grieve What You’ve Lost
  • Chapter 5 - Deal with Anxiety and Depression
  • Chapter 6 - Deal with Isolation
  • Chapter 7 - Learn to Accept Help
  • Chapter 8 - Let Go of False Guilt
  • Chapter 9 - Deal with Emotions
  • Chapter 10 - Write in a Journal
  • Chapter 11 - Guard Your Heart
  • Chapter 12 - Practice Forgiveness
  • Chapter 13 - Deal with Jealousy
  • Chapter 14 - Use Your Personality Traits to Your Advantage
  • Chapter 15 - Stay Informed and Take Action

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