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Interferon beta (IFN-β or INF-β) is a type 1 interferon. Interferon beta drugs are immunostimulants, these include interferon beta-1a, interferon beta-1b, and peginterferon beta-1a.[1] There are a number of different interferon alphas, which are also type 1 interferons. Interferon alphas and interferon beta found in humans.[2]

Alternative names[edit | edit source]

Interferon beta is also known as:

  • INF-beta
  • IFN-beta
  • INF-β
  • IFN-β[2]

Drugs[edit | edit source]

Interferon beta-1a is an immunomodulator available under the brand names Avonex Pen, Rebif, and Rebif Rebidose>[3]; interferon beta-1b is sold under the brand name Betaseron (Pro) and Extavia (Pro).[1] Peginterferon beta-1a or pegylated interferon (Peg-IFN) beta-1a is a combination of polyethylene glycol (peg) and interferon beta-1a, and is sold under the brand name Plegridy.[4] All interferon drugs including interferon beta drugs act as immunostimulants.

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