Chronic Fatigue Syndrome M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management
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Author Rosamund Vallings
Country New Zealand
Language English
Subject Patient guide
Genre Medical
Publisher Calico Publishing Ltd
Publication date
Media type print & digital
Pages 370
ISBN 978-1877429026

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management is a book by New Zealander Dr. Rosamund Vallings.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Often known as ‘ME’, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, yet its effects are profound, and often prolonged and debilitating. Dr Rosamund Vallings has been helping those with this condition for more than 40 years. Here she explains the illness and how it affects the body’s many systems and functions. She also provides advice on how to cope with the disorder and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

  • An estimated 250,000 sufferers in the UK, and 900,000 in the US
  • Written by pioneering, internationally recognised expert.
  • Includes the latest (June 2012) diagnostic guidelines.
  • Only comprehensive up-to-date overview of symptoms and treatments.
  • Easy-to-read resource for sufferers and health professionals.
  • Practical advice on living with CFS/ME

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