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Prof. Andrea T White is Adjunct Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Integrative Physiology and a Research Associate Professor in Health and Kinesiology at the University of Utah.[1]

Notable studies[edit | edit source]

  • 2013, Differing Leukocyte Gene Expression Profiles Associated with Fatigue in Patients with Prostate Cancer versus Chronic Fatigue Syndrome[2] - (Full Text)
  • 2012, Differences in metabolite-detecting, adrenergic, and immune gene expression after moderate exercise in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, patients with multiple sclerosis, and healthy controls[3] (Full text)
  • 2010, Severity of symptom flare after moderate exercise is linked to cytokine activity in chronic fatigue syndrome[4] (Full Text)
  • 2009, Moderate Exercise Increases Expression for Sensory, Adrenergic, and Immune Genes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients But Not in Normal Subjects[5] (Full Text)

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