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The Medical Research Council CFS/ME Expert Group or MRC CFS/ME Expert Group is a part of the UK Medical Research Council, which discusses CFS/ME research projects decides on their funding. A number of meetings of the CFS/ME Experts Group were held from 2008 to 2010.[1][2][3]

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The MRC ME/CFS Expert Group aimed to bring together leading experts in the field of ME/CFS and associated fields that may be involved in the underlying mechanisms of ME/CFS, plus representatives from patient charities. The Group was chaired by Professor Sir Stephen Holgate.

Aims[edit | edit source]

The aim of the group was to explore ways in which to encourage new research in the ME/CFS field. The group looked at new technologies and associated areas of research that could help inform the diverse range of symptoms and possible underlying causes of ME/CFS.

Members of the group were involved in various activities in the field, including the 2009 MRC ME/CFS Research Workshop and Prioritisation Meeting,[2] informing the strategy for the 2011 MRC ME/CFS call for proposals and establishment of the 2012 MRC ME/CFS highlight notice. Several members of the Group subsequently became members of the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (UK CMRC), which was established in 2013.[4]

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Notable people[edit | edit source]

In attendance:

  • Professor Stephen Holgate (professor of immunopharmacology and honorary consultant physician specialising in asthma & allergy, University of Southampton – Chairman)
  • Dr Esther Crawley (Paediatrician, Professor in Child Health with a background in paediatric rheumatology, University of Bristol)
  • Professor Malcolm Jackson (professor of musculoskeletal biology, University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Derek Pheby (Epidemiologist, National CFS/ME Observatory)
  • Professor Anthony Pinching (professor of immunology, Peninsula Medical School)
  • Dr Charles Shepherd (ME Association)
  • Sir Peter Spencer (Action for ME)
  • Professor Peter White (Professor of Psychological Medicine & honorary consultant liaison psychiatrist)
  • Professor Philip Cowen (Professor of psychiatry & psychopharmacology, University of Oxford)
  • Professor Hugh Perry (Professor of Experimental Neuropathology, University of Southampton)
  • Dr Jonathan Kerr (microbiologist, St George’s University of London)
  • Professor Ian Kimber (Professor of Toxicology, University of Manchester)


  • Dr Rob Buckle
  • Dr Joanna Latimer (Secretariat)

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