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Xia Wang-Steverding, who has also published as Xia Wang, is an Honorary Research Fellow and Senior Research Associate at the Norwich Medical School of University of East Anglia, UK.[1] She is a professional epidemiologist and public health researcher with an interest in non-communicable chronic diseases prevention, health literacy and medication adherence, tropical medicine and drug development, and environmental health.[2]

Education[edit | edit source]

  • Master of Community Health and Health Management at the Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health, The Faculty of Medicine, University of Heidelberg, Germany (DAAD scholarship)[2]
  • Bachelor of Environmental mornitoring, Faculty of Environment and Chemistry, Hefei University, China[2]

EUROMENE[edit | edit source]

Wang-Steverding is a participant of the Socio-economics Working Group of ME/CFS across Europe on behalf of EUROMENE, a European Union COST Action CA15111 not-for-profit research organization committed to tackling the cause and treatment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

chronic disease - a disease or condition that usually lasts for 3 months or longer and may get worse over time

BMJ - The BMJ (previously the British Medical Journal) is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal.

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