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This page lists suggestions for improvements to MEpedia.

Please feel encouraged to consider making the relevant page or edit yourself (see How to contribute to get started!), as many editors of MEpedia are sick and working hard to improve the content in particular areas. We need your help!

But if you can't make the improvement yourself, add your suggestion to the end of the appropriate section. Please briefly detail your suggestion, including the name of the MEpedia page(s) that need creating or editing, and web links to sources/citations (e.g., the published study, a source for a quote, etc.) Then sign your suggestion with your name and the date.

Tip: If you'd just like to keep track of your own goals on site (but make them visible to others), instead of adding suggestions here you can add a subpage to your user page (add a "/" and subpage, e.g., User:Brettz9/To-dos).

Priority pages for expansion[edit | edit source]

High priority[edit | edit source]

When a task is complete move it to the COMPLETED section at the bottom of the page

Admin suggestions[edit | edit source]

When a task is complete move it to the COMPLETED section at the bottom of the page

  • Review/update the MEpedia:Admin guide to keep track of what a new admin needs to know. Consider making the Admin guide protected so that only admins can edit it. Also review/protect MEpedia:Developer guide. (Requested by Pyrrhus April 2019)
  • Add Special:Interwiki shortcuts for the staging server (called staging) and pmc - which will be similar to the pubmed one but using the PMC path, this would allow links like pmc:1234567 to go to PMC1234567

In 2020[edit | edit source]

  • test plan and #Snag list
  • IN PROGRESS: Extensions for MediaWiki 1.39 to check/test
    • Any extension with a “compatibility policy” of “release branches” must be updated with any new version of MediaWiki. These include, Citoid, Thanks, DiscussionThreading (if in use?), OneColumnAllPages, DynamicPageList, Lingo, SmiteSpam, AddThis, Disambiguator, DismissableSiteNotice, NewUserMessage, GeoData, Graph, PageNotice, Popups (Peviews), WikimediaMessages, QuestyCaptchaStructuredDiscussions, PageTriage, (AbuseFilter, CategoryTree, Cite, CodeEditor, InputBox, Interwiki, PageImages, ParserFunctions, RenameUser, Scribunto, SyntaxHighlight, TextExtracts, VisualEditor, WikiEditor updates not needed - comes with MW 1.39+). AddThis is a defunct service.
    • Monobook skin update (unless we decide to disable it)
    • We should also update the HitCounters extension to resolve some minor bugs including the Popular Pages link being in German.
  • The Linux package Parsoid must also be updated every time VisualEditor is updated.
  • We should also update the DismissableSiteNotice extension so that the dismissals last longer than a week.
  • We should also update the Form extension to get security updates.
  • SecureLinkFixer and TemplateData are bundled. They force https on your wiki, and add a tag and an api to allow editors to specify how templates should be invoked.
    • The following PHP libraries are required for MW1.35: ctype, dom, fileinfo, iconv, json, mbstring, xml
    • other requirements - MySQL version doesn't need updating
    • Changes can be tested on the staging server before being implemented on the production server. See MEpedia:Developer guide. ( ~Njt September 29, 2020)

1.39 upgrade tasks done and checked[edit | edit source]

  • Upgraded to MW1.39, which is a future long-term support release. The new version of MediaWiki software includes important security fixes. The new versions of the extensions include important fixes and improvements. (Added by Pyrrhus, May 2019) (I suggest doing this later in the year to get a newer version, but to update compatible extensions / skins etc to the newest versions that work with our existing MW version early in the year - Notjusttired, Aug 2019).
    • Extensions tested: Echo, Gadgets, Replace Text (now in core)
    • Skins tested: Timeless (bugs T197057, T287132, T182389 layout mobile patches available), Vector-2022, Vector (legacy)
  • PHP 7.4.33 now in use- update to at least version PHP 7.3.19 for MediaWiki 1.35
  • MediaWiki 1.39 bundled the VisualEditor extension. It will not be necessary to setup a seperate instance of Parsoid, as it is built into MediaWiki core.
  • Pivot skin - may no longer be supported by creator - upgraded to v2.3.0) and include any MW 1.35 to 1.39 fixes - needs css changes for echo notifications, but no skin updates since 2020, need to check bug reports - may be better to configure newly installed Chameleon to replace Pivot
(User:Notjusttired Jun 2023)

Staging server testing[edit | edit source]

Versions of everything to check[edit | edit source]


  • changed extensions - some might be bundled in with new MW version
AddThis	1.2.0 (29fd389) 03:49, May 8, 2021
CategoryTree	–
Citoid	0.3.0 (2a02d68) 04:21, May 16, 2021
CodeEditor	–
ConfirmEdit	1.6.0
Disambiguator	1.3 (06cae54) 17:13, May 9, 2021
DiscussionThreading	1.6.0 (5e01d02) 17:25, May 9, 2021
DismissableSiteNotice	1.0.1 (ad3a780) 05:51, May 16, 2021
DynamicPageList	1.7.0 (9acf000) 21:28, September 17, 2017
Echo	– (a3dedc0) 06:18, May 16, 2021
EditAccount	1.3.3 (2eaac4a) 16:59, June 4, 2021
Form	0.6.0 (e55e1aa) 06:13, May 10, 2021
GeoData	– (7d4e889) 09:29, May 10, 2021
Graph	– (ae2cc41) 08:20, May 16, 2021
Hit Counter	0.3 (2e51259) 01:46, May 11, 2021
InputBox	0.3.0
Interwiki	3.2
Lingo	3.1.1
NewUserMessage	3.6.0, 2016-10-31 (0927afe) 00:45, May 12, 2021
PageImages	–
PageNotice	– (2bd5103) 12:39, May 12, 2021
Previews	– (dccd607) 12:58, July 13, 2020
Replace Text	1.4.1
Scribunto	–
SmiteSpam	0.3 (91f2697) 19:54, May 13, 2021
TemplateData	0.1.2
TextExtracts	–
Thanks	1.2.0 (e28a16d) 06:25, May 14, 2021
VisualEditor	0.1.2
WikiEditor	0.5.3
WikimediaMessages	– (0313613) 02:53, May 15, 2021

<s>Popups	– (7da6cff) 22:05, September 19, 2017</s> - now called Previews 
*unchanged extensions:
OneColumnAllPages	1.0.1
Renameuser	–
Cite	–
EmbedVideo	2.8.0
ParserFunctions	1.6.0
SyntaxHighlight	2.0
Spam prevention
QuestyCaptcha	–
Slack	1.0.1
  • new staging Parser extension tags-


  • Parser extension tags or Parser hooks all present ✓ Done
  • new extensions requested but not installed: AbuseFilter - which is a later task

Editing[edit | edit source]

  • source editor ✓ Done checked for (main), User_talk and MediaWiki
  • visual editor - including checking menu optionsveg Cite tweet and Insert menu
  • home page
  • upload images ✓ Done
  • add uploaded image to a page as thumb
  • graphs
  • resize images
  • table layouts
  • top 10 pages - MediaWiki:Sidebar menu links to wrong PopularPage

Citation tools[edit | edit source]

  • generate citation from link ✓ Done but Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration out of date causing PMC/ PMID errors
  • manual cite journal
  • cite web and cite news
  • cite book

Skins[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki	1.35.3
PHP	7.4.21 (apache2handler)
MySQL	5.7.28-log

Added -
ICU	65.1

Unchanged -
MySQL	5.7.28-log
Lua	5.1.5

Entry point URL - missing 
load.php	/load.php

Pivot	2.3.0	- upgraded
Timeless	0.8.9 - upgraded 

Extensions[edit | edit source]

  • do videos play

Admin rights needed to test[edit | edit source]

Sync important content and settings[edit | edit source]

  • Sync skin customizations from live OR reapply our changes to new code
    • css eg from MediaWiki timeless.css, common.css, gadgets css
    • js eg MediaWiki, check Category js for Potential treatments / Medical hypothesis / etc, Gadgets js
  • Namespace updates to import: Portal, MediaWiki (including MediaWiki:Gadget, Gadget_definition) and MediaWiki_talk, MediaWiki, Template, Module, Categories, MEpedia (aliased to Project) eg using Special:Export ✓ Done except for a few css, js etc ones
    • Do NOT try to sync Gadget and Gadget_definition namespaces - both are empty, all code is in MediaWiki:Gadgetxxx files
  • A few Files eg icons used in the interface may need copying over, check Special:ListFiles for new files that are icons or interface files eg for portals or Help namespaces and Icons category - can't be done by xml
  • Sync page content model changes (eg changing pages to css from wiki text) ✓ Done
  • Sync page language model changes (eg changing Glossary/de, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/he) ✓ Done
  • Sync Special:Interwiki table page by checking Interwiki logs ✓ Done
  • Do protection levels need sync for pages not in (main) or for key pages eg Template, Module, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?
  • Check other Special:Logs for changes needing sync ✓ Done

Snag list[edit | edit source]

  1. Email not installed as stated on staging:special:PasswordReset and staging:Special:ConfirmEmail links don't work, this should be linked to in Special:Preferences for logged on users. Special:SpecialPages is missing ConfirmEmail and PasswordReset. The Enotif extension is part of core MW, which may or may not be linked to the issue.
  2. Thumbnails error on both live and staging stops SVGs working
  3. Special:WantedPages is not being updated and contains pages that already exist. ALSO: New issue - links to pages that exist are shown as if they are wanted page.
  4. mw:Extension:Previews (previously called mw:Extension:Popups doesn't display images - TextExtracts extension must be loaded before Popups, in staging LocalSettings.php (requested 3 Sep). It seems to work on main namespace - download linked file no longer shows a page preview image

Potentially do after upgrade

  • Special:Version throws a Lingo extension error on staging, but works antibody and membrane from glossary are looked up. May be an issue with Lingo.
  • Performance - much slower to load pages - is this because less resources are allocated to the staging server by hosting company / at the server end? If not then investigation is needed.
  • Investigate vector logo when legacy unticked

Minor changes after upgrade

  • Njt: MediaWiki Timeless skin improvements eg Timeless no longer has visible left hand menu or settings cog for preferences
  • Njt: Investigate vector font-size change - is it just on bullets? Portal bullets?
  • Njt: Monobook.css, Pivot improvements if needed

After upgrade goes live[edit | edit source]

Update MediaWiki:Sidebar and Portal:Contents to fix Hitcounters extension page name Popular pages (copy staging server code).

  • Abuse Filter to test - packaged with later MW1.38 release

Languages[edit | edit source]

  • German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian (nb, no, but nn usually inappropriate)
  • Check Popular pages link eg from List of Portals or main menu for German Beliebteste_Seiten, and not sure for French. (Hitcounters extension configuration)

Namespaces[edit | edit source]

  • Main ✓ Done
  • Talk
  • User
  • User talk - ✓ Done
  • MEpedia and MEpedia_talk - ✓ Done
  • MediaWiki and MediaWiki_talk updated ✓ Done
  • File and File_talk - thumbnail error means newly uploaded files don't show on (Main) - now affecting SVG only, and live
  • Special - works fine
  • Template and template_talk - ✓ Done
  • Help - ✓ Done
  • Module - ✓ Done
  • Gadget and Gadget_definition - not needed since code in MEpedia:Gadget- files - ✓ Done and tested
  • Category - ✓ Done
  • Portals - more testing / checks needed

Code[edit | edit source]

Desktop[edit | edit source]

Mobile[edit | edit source]

Screenshot size and layout[edit | edit source]

  • Landscape vs portrait
  • Desktop, tablet, mobiles

Defaults[edit | edit source]

  • Date formats

Permissions[edit | edit source]

Known (pre-existing) bugs[edit | edit source]

Check which have been resolved from MEpedia:Known_bugs

Fixed[edit | edit source]

Image resizing and thumbnail tests[edit | edit source]

  • See Suggested code and file names to speed up the tests below
  • Test resizing images to uncommon sizes for: jpg, png, svg, gif
  • Test main image types work as thumbnails (thumb property): jpg, png, svg, gif
  • Upload a new file and test resizing works eg to 85px w

Images needed[edit | edit source]

Suggest an image and mark the page it's needed on with {{NeedsImage}}. See Category:Articles_that_need_an_image_or_photo.

Small tasks[edit | edit source]

When a task is complete move it to the COMPLETED section at the bottom of the page

Other suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Add a portal on Wikipedia for CFS or umbrella (e.g., auto-immune-related conditions), bringing more awareness and contributions on Wikipedia (also through subpages, such as "B cells and CFS"), and which we could reference here
Can this task be removed? Wikipedia tasks should not be in the MEpedia list. If it's a task for MEpedia then also suggest removing since many Portals already need extra work and several comorbidities still don't have pages which is a greater priority (Removal requested by User:Notjusttired Aug 2019, moved out of high priority tasks on Aug 2020 by Njt)

When a task is complete move it to the COMPLETED section at the bottom of the page

Historical articles[edit | edit source]

Add these articles:

There are also a very large number of resources here that need to be added:

Stem cell treatments[edit | edit source]

Info such as at and would be interesting to have. Brettz9 (talk) 11:37, 19 January 2016 (PST)

Treatments[edit | edit source]

A great rundown of infections related to ME/CFS and potential treatments. Link can be added to "Further reading" on the List of treatments page. Information here can also be included on the appropriate pages for specific infectious agents and specific antivirals. --JenB (talk) 09:24, 11 December 2015 (PST)

Basic biochemistry[edit | edit source]

Infectious disease[edit | edit source]

New study shows that EBV can infect neurons. Apparently we didn't know this before! Consider updating the Herpesvirus page with any relevant information. I think it would be really great to expand the EBV (and really all the herpesvirus pages) with information on the association of these viruses with both CFS and other diseases, especially those involving B cells and the possible infection of nervous tissue. --JenB (talk) 08:38, 16 March 2016 (PDT)

Developer tasks[edit | edit source]

Fix mobile editing[edit | edit source]

June 2024: May be limited to safari/iphones? Various issues mostly around dialogues:

  • Add a citation (VisualEditor?)
  • Cite web: top bar tick/x for close missing (VisualEditor?)
  • save changes: menu items are too low and cover up "Summary" entry box
  • save changes: Apply button at top missing

Screenshots on Slack. ~Njt (talk) 12:00, June 13, 2024 (UTC)

Mobile view layout issues with large text sizes[edit | edit source]

Media queries: zoom levels are taken into account when you use width / height, but aren't when you use device-width/device-height, see MQtest for current browser values.

1. On iphones/safari and possibly other browsers, increasing the default zoom to 100% or more or changing text size means that the first bullet point has a blank line above it (the bullets points are in two columns), e.g. the neurological one has a blank line above "Introduction to the nervous system" on Portal:Contents/Portals which is an inclusion from Portal:Contents/Portals/Nervous_system. These views are different to the Welcome_to_MEpedia page. 2. On Portal:Contents/Types_TOC, the images are set to 80px wide in a 280px wide box, but Cardiovascular (for example) has an image that's smaller than the others, and the portal names on the right don't line up. 3. Bullet point indents look too large when font size increases (on portals) ~Njt (talk) 12:00, June 13, 2024 (UTC)

Fix duplicate references by adding AutoWikiBrowser[edit | edit source]

Suggested by User:Fireballsky, 2020.

Completed developer tasks[edit | edit source]

When a task is complete move it HERE

Withdrawn developer tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks no longer needed since either another solution was found or they don't seem worthwhile given the work involved.

  • pivot not showing Potential treatments banner - fixed by User:Notjusttired with Common.js changes as suggested by User:Pyrrhus
  • all editors to see visitor stats eg popular pages or searched for terms - it's hard to know what topics to work on
Is this necessary? Popular pages are visible via the link in lefthand sidebar. I don’t know of any way to find “searched for” terms without a custom database query. Pyrrhus (talk) 19:21, 16 May 2019 (EDT) - withdrawn by Notjusttired - Google analytics is the best solution but no way to link it here
Could it be that this page list is updated daily or weekly rather than immediately? The example given is now sorted - I presume without any intervention. notjusttired (talk) 19:04, May 24, 2019 (EDT)
(read more)

Developer Completed 2022[edit | edit source]

MW1.35 upgrade tasks

Developer Completed 2021[edit | edit source]

Use https not http[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, http and https are both being used in the URLs throughout the website. This means that some users will land on non-secure pages (http w/out "s").
  • All pages need automatically redirect from http to https. This will keep everything secure, and improve SEO and organic search traffic.
  • It looks like it's covered on

(suggested by Fireballsky, added by Njt (Oct 2020)

Confirmed done and working ~Njt (talk) (Feb 2021)

Developer Completed 2018-2019[edit | edit source]

content hidden
  • Add EmbedVideo extension from to allow us to embed YouTube or Vimeo clips, eg Linda Crowhurst's on Severe M.E., videos for symptoms like muscle twitches, myclonus, and advocacy clips/explanations - the MEAnalysis PACE video for instance - this would help those with photophobia
  • WikimediaMessages added
  • Skins: Add a stable dark/dark grey skin that's mobile friendly (and migraine friendly) eg Timeless DarkCSS as custom CSS on Timeless skin - requested by User:Notjusttired
  • Skins: Add Pivot and Foreground (both mobile friendly), consider defaulting to Pivot for all mobile devices requested by User:Notjusttired
  • Add the Visual Editor to the “MEpedia:” and “Help:” namespaces so new contributors don’t need to learn wikitext to edit a page. To do this, first verify that "MEpedia" is listed in $wgExtraNamespaces in LocalSettings.php, then add the following to the LocalSettings.php file:

$wgVisualEditorAvailableNamespaces = [ "Help" => true, "MEpedia" => true ]; (Requested by Pyrrhus, Feb 2019)

  • allow search engines to crawl the Files namespace eg so images come up when doing Google search on images for reuse requested by User:Notjusttired
  • Install AddThis extension for sharing - if poss with Facebook, Twitter and pinterest links showing - requested by [[User:
  • Turn on setting to autofix redirects in LocalSettings.php - as per Mediawiki configuration info - requested by User:Notjusttired
  • Can Citation bot be set up for all new users - see Wikipedia for link & institutions (Requester unknown)
This task has been abandoned because the required PHP compilation, template setup, and bot registration is beyond the capabilities of our developers. See for more details. Pyrrhus (talk) 22:01, 22 May 2019 (EDT)
$wgMaxShellMemory = 524288;
$wgUserEmailUseReplyTo = true;
$wgVisualEditorEnableDiffPage = true;
  • Add the following to the end of LocalSettings.php to disable email on the staging server ( (Requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
if ((strpos($wgServer, 'staging') !== false) 
    or (strpos($IP, 'staging') !== false)) {
   $wgLogo = '';
   $wgEnableEmail = false;
  • Fix the wiki emailer so that new users can receive the “confirm your email account” email and so that established users can receive email notifications of changes, etc. (Requested by Pyrrhus, Feb 2019)
  • Edit pivot skin's to set autocomplete to on for mobile devices only. notjusttired (talk) 18:52, May 24, 2019 (EDT)
  • Fix email sending from MEpedia. Either configure sendmail properly on the production server or configure $wgSMTP properly in the LocalSettings.php file. If we are going to use $wgSMTP, here are some links that provide the exact SMTP information to use: configuration and protocols. For $wgSMTP, one can set up a new email account called "" using the DreamHost dashboard: This new email account can either reject all incoming mail or forward all incoming mail to mepedia @ (requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
  • Add $wgDismissableSiteNoticeForAnons=true; to LocalSettings.php file. (Requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
  • Consider making the members of the "emailconfirmed" group visible only to administrators. There is a theoretical risk of email spam when anyone can see who has confirmed their email and who hasn't. To do this, simply add $wgImplicitGroups[] = 'emailconfirmed'; to LocalSettings.php. I am not advocating for this action, merely documenting this if it is ever needed. (Removed, since the members of emailconfirmed are already mostly invisible to the public.)
  • consider adding a "thanks" button if it can be easily adopted from the WMF software (see: -- really nice way for editors to communicate appreciation to one another that costs many fewer "spoons" than writing/reading a note (suggested by Canele, June 2019)
I like this idea but can't see any instructions for doing installing this on those pages. I have copied both the {{Thank}} and {{Thank you}} across notjusttired (talk) 14:25, July 17, 2019 (EDT)
There is a Thanks extension that will probably do the trick, but we can't install it until after we update the MediaWiki software, unfortunately.
Pyrrhus (talk) 22:31, July 17, 2019 (EDT)
I didn't think to look there! We can install it, but need a previous version that matches what we have - REL_1_30 I think, and will need to upgrade it once MediaWiki is upgraded. The code is on github, linked to the page. I think this is worth requesting notjusttired (talk) 15:04, July 19, 2019 (EDT)
Oh super! Smiley face Thank you both, Pyrrhus and Njt! Canele (talk) 16:42, July 20, 2019 (EDT)
  • Remove the following from LocalSettings.php. Our new policy is that people need to make 50 edits before they skip the CAPTCHA, regardless of whether they are emailconfirmed or not. (Requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
$wgGroupPermissions['emailconfirmed']['skipcaptcha'] = true;
$ceAllowConfirmedEmail = true;
Disallow: /wiki/MEpedia talk:
Disallow: /wiki/File talk:
Disallow: /wiki/Help talk:
Disallow: /wiki/Category talk:
Disallow: /wiki/Portal talk:
Disallow: /wiki/User:
Disallow: /wiki/User talk:
Disallow: /wiki/MediaWiki:
Disallow: /wiki/MediaWiki talk:
Disallow: /wiki/Template:
Disallow: /wiki/Template talk:
Is this done now? notjusttired (talk) 17:46, August 6, 2019 (EDT)
Yes! Pyrrhus (talk) 21:38, August 7, 2019 (EDT)
# Allow the Internet Archiver to index action=raw and thereby store the raw wikitext of pages
User-agent: ia_archiver
Allow: /*&action=raw 
UPDATE - how do we test this? (User:Notjusttired, May 22,2019)
Tested and workin notjusttired (talk) 18:48, May 24, 2019 (EDT)
Disallow: /wiki/Talk:
  • Create a user right group that automatically turns off the CAPTCHA after the user has made 50 edits - requested by Canele (talk) 18:26, 30 March 2019 (EDT)
One way to accomplish this is to add the following to LocalSettings.php. This will require 50 edits before a user is given the "autoconfirmed" role. (which is different from the "emailconfirmed" role) Pyrrhus (talk) 22:10, 16 May 2019 (EDT)
$wgAutoConfirmCount = 50;
$wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['skipcaptcha'] = true;

Withdrawn editing tasks[edit | edit source]

content hidden

Completed in 2022[edit | edit source]

Completed in 2021 (includes admin tasks)[edit | edit source]

content hidden
This is an under represented group, who face a great deal of stigma due to the invisibility of the illness, combined with the fact that little cab be found medically. A 50% decrease in functioning from normal is a devastating rather than mild illness. Photos may be tricky unless people describe themselves as mildly ill. There may be photos of those moderately or severely ill who were initially mildly ill but declined, or the opposite, but I wouldn't want to imply that people normally get worse - or that they normally get better. (Suggested by: Notjusttired Jan 2020)

Completed in 2020 (includes admin tasks)[edit | edit source]

content hidden

Completed in 2019 (includes admin tasks)[edit | edit source]

content hidden
  • Categorize all uncategorized pages (list of uncategorized pages here:
  • Make sure this Lightning Process study is on the LP page
  • Add this UK TV segment about a patient Where? Added to pediatric page
  • Add a malaise image to the PEM page. If we can get a volunteer to have an image of them perhaps out at a cafe' (before) and two or three days later at home with the impact showing on their face (after) this would be a very helpful illustration. (Done with #TwoFacesofME Tweets)
  • Fix the email address "". It currently rejects emails with a "Google Groups Error". (Requested by Pyrrhus, Feb 2019)
  • Add significant ME/CFS (or related) Facebook groups to the Social media page. Canele (talk) 15:35, 29 March 2019 (EDT)
  • Fix the New User Message as suggested on the User talk:New user message talk page. The New User Message has already been moved to Template:Welcome, all that remains to be done is to delete the MediaWiki:Newusermessage-template page. (Requested by Pyrrhus, Feb 2019)
  • Add extra code to Common.css from Notjusttired/common.css (except for the end section that's commented out) - for alternating table rows and minor tweaks
  • Add these Google fonts to Common.css to make them available for all skins: Oswald, Oswald italic, Oswald italic small-caps, Oswald small-caps, Oswald bold italic, Oswald bold italic small-caps, Oswald bold, Oswald bold small-caps, Permanent marker, Permanent marker bold, use Oswald small-caps for MEpedia logo text. Let us know the CSS font family names for all fonts above. - notjusttired (talk) 10:58, May 25, 2019 (EDT)
  • Adapt/copy Wikipedia's general disclaimer to replace our current general disclaimer at MEpedia:General_disclaimer. The specific copy of Wikipedia's disclaimer to use is Be sure to note that full URL address in the edit summary in a brief acknowledgement that our disclaimer has been adapted from theirs. (Requested by JaimeS June 2019)
  • Rewrite MEpedia:About according to the ideas raised on MEpedia talk:About. (Requested by Pyrrhus April 2019)
  • Mark all pages in the Category:MEpedia documentation and Category:MEpedia help categories as "semiprotected" by marking them as "Allow only autoconfirmed users" to edit them. Except for the "Sample page", which needs to be editable by all users. (And except for any talk pages, or any pages that are already protected and editable only by Administrators.) (Requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
Not sure how/who needs to do this - is it a LocalSettings.php request that's outstanding? Should a semi-protection message by added to all first? notjusttired (talk) 16:12, August 11, 2019 (EDT)
An admin needs to mark those pages as “semiprotected”. That is all.
Pyrrhus (talk) 16:25, August 11, 2019 (EDT)
these have been updated, are you happy that is this done now? (Njt Aug 2019)
It doesn't matter if I'm happy, just whether MEAction is happy. Since these are policy pages, they must be reviewed/approved by MEAction before they can be considered "final". Until then, they're just "drafts"... Hope this helps.
Pyrrhus (talk) 22:41, August 10, 2019 (EDT)
Right, just waiting for MEAction to review then notjusttired (talk) 16:12, August 11, 2019 (EDT)
  • Create MEpedia:Terms of use - it's linked to from bottom of all pages. Add it to “MEpedia documentation” category. Make it protected so that only admins can edit it. (Requested by Pyrrhus May 2019)
  • Create MEpedia:Privacy policy - it's linked to from bottom of all pages. Add it to “MEpedia documentation” category. See Talk:Wmf:Privacy policy for details. Make it protected so that only admins can edit it. Also make Wmf:Privacy policy protected because that is an important redirect. (Request last updated by Pyrrhus April 2019)
  • Create MEpedia:Cookie statement - it's linked to from bottom of all pages. Add it to “MEpedia documentation” category. Make it protected so that only admins can edit it. Also make Wmf:Cookie statement protected because that is an important redirect. Requested by Pyrrhus April 2019)
Wmf redirect protected thanks to User:Kmdenmark notjusttired (talk) 16:12, August 11, 2019 (EDT) - done already

References[edit | edit source]